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Irv Miller, 30th July 2010

I live in a retirement community and run an in-house pool league. I use your certificates to present to the weekly winners and runer-ups. They(the certificates) have been a huge success. The most sophistcated gentelmen compete very hard to get one. I believe some even have framed them.. Thank you very much for making our days left fun. Irv Miller

Peggy Carmichael, 28th July 2010

Hi all, I am the principal of a school in New Zealand and find the resources in this sight very useful. I use them for my junior children. Thank you for providing them free.

Anonymous, 21st July 2010

I really like the resources on the website. The 'Printables' section has a rich bank of goodies which could aid your work and children. Thank you.

Marian Mc Gennis, 17th July 2010

This site is really helpful. I am working with 3 adults with special education needs and most of the resources are childish. Wish I had found the site sooner.

Ruth, 16th July 2010

Just wanted to say Thank you for such a wonderful site. So very useful and timesaving !

Anonymous, 15th July 2010

A wonderfull website and easy to use !

Anonymous, 14th July 2010

Fantastic website, so rare to find so many useful resourses in one place.

grace, 10th July 2010

I love this site! Great website!

Debra, 7th July 2010

Great Website...also try also has some fantastic free resources! both been a great help to me. Keep up the good work

Linda, 7th July 2010

This site was recommended by a colleague. I am in my mid-40's and have only just moved into working as a teaching assistant with no previous experience. I can see that your site is going to be an invaluable aid!

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