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Denyse, 18th November 2010

Great site, have used this to print out Librarian certificates. Is there anywhere you can save what you have done?

Paul Blake, 16th November 2010


Srinjoy Mukherjee, 16th November 2010

This site is really useful because it helped me to copy some points out.I'm writing frm school now

Charlotte Bond, 15th November 2010

Oh my goodness, where has this site been all my life? I just found it when I googled for a Multiplication Grid. I will be faithful to for the rest of my life. Ridiculously simple to use, brightly coloured and FREE! Amazing! Thank you so much!

Cheekaboo, 14th November 2010

What a great website! I'm a Pre-School Assistant working with 2years 6months - 4year old children. Have used several printables to help me with my EYFS paperwork. Thanks

Allison, 13th November 2010

What a wonderful site. THANK YOU!

Andy, 12th November 2010

fantastic great printouts easy to use.

Anonymous, 12th November 2010

How do I print the page that I want without the choices that are on the side? What I printed covered a little more than 1/4 of the page.

Use the pink Print button and the page will be automatically sized for your printer.

julie, 11th November 2010

This sight is fantastic! Where have you been all of my life? I LOVE the printables, and plan to use them with the SEN and EAL children i support in my work place, and i am going to brag about this site to all of my coleagues.

Anonymous, 10th November 2010

A fantastic website..well done!!!

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