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fabrice urbaniak, 5th January 2011

Congratulations for your incredible work! I was amazed by your english learning software!

Anonymous, 21st December 2010

What a fantastic site. I love the way you can create the printables to suit your own needs.

Anonymous, 21st December 2010

can you get the faces off the cube?

You can print blank cubes with the Nets/3D shape printable...

Anonymous, 17th December 2010

I like this web site for your certificates

Martin, 17th December 2010

I was directed to this site from the TES. What a great find. Thank you SEN Teacher.

Peter, 15th December 2010

I like this web site for your certificates and I will be using them for my business.

Emma, 14th December 2010

I have tried for several days and I can't access the word search generator or word mash as I have done in the past although I printed out the connective tiles easily. Please help

Anonymous, 12th December 2010

use the site loads, great resources,help and links. can you point me in the direction though on resources ton teach a child with attixia.

H Begum, 12th December 2010

I have only just discovered this site and I think it is absolutely brilliant! Some of these resources are excatly the sort of things I need, in particular for my ASD pupils who rely largely on visual stimuli. Thankyou for the resources. I cant wait to try them out! :)

Maisha , 4th December 2010

Such a great site that I have been using for at least two year! It has reduced stress from the many endless tasks of teaching! I have been printing certificates for my elementary school classes. At one time there was an image of an African American boy ascending the the pile of books; he's no longer there. In fact among the approximately 20 images, there are no African American images that I can use for my predominantly African American school. I wonder what's happening here.

Many images were swapped for more age-appropriate clipart and a facility to upload your own images and clipart was added.

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