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Anonymous, 19th September 2011

Great website using it as a classroom assistant many thanks

Anonymous, 18th September 2011

Fabulous! Used it for more than what I needed.

Colette , 18th September 2011

Thank you so much for such a great website. You have made my teaching so much easier.

muneer, 15th September 2011

really such a helpful site, specially for assigner. i am very thank full to you.

Anonymous, 15th September 2011

Love this website, its brilliant!

Jan H, 14th September 2011

A brilliant site. The AAC cards are ideal for learners with communication difficulties. There are so many resources I may have run out of ink!! Many thanks

Kris, 13th September 2011

I love the follow me card generator - however I would love the option to save them like the flashcard generator - I'm sure others are making great ones also - and I would be happy to share mine.

Jayne Stevens, 8th September 2011

As a parent of a child with asd I have been directed to this site by another parent and from a quick look it seems fantastic - I will def be doing some printing and tell my sons school about it too :)

Anonymous, 7th September 2011


Melissa, 7th September 2011

Mom, who needed to print a number grid. Thank you for making it so accessible and easy.

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