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Makenzie, 27th January 2012

this is a very good website for kids so they can do school at home!!!!! My child likes this website because she wants to go to school but she is too ungh so we print some of these out she dose them and she fells like she is in school!!!! so print some off now!!!!!!

Anonymous, 24th January 2012

What a great website. Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource! I will share this with my colleagues!

Agnas, 19th January 2012

Thank you so much for such a fantastic web site.God Bless.

Deb, 19th January 2012

fantastic word search, no worries about downloading and great to adapt. Thank you

Dan Tippetts, 18th January 2012

Thank you so much! The polyhedron nets were super useful!

Anonymous, 18th January 2012

thank you for this resource :)

Tess Quinn, 18th January 2012

I work in FE with adult students who have specific learning difficulties (dyslexia etc). Thank you so much for this site which I have only found today - excellent resources.

PREFER NOT TO SAY, 18th January 2012

I am just a brother trying to help my younger brother with his education, and all of the resources help me with it. My rating: 5/5!

Anonymous, 18th January 2012

Could you possibly add a larger size? My son has sight issues as well. Maybe something that is closer to a 3x5?

Drop me a line and tell me which printable.....

Carrie, 18th January 2012

Thank you for such excellent resources. Very much appreciated.

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