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Gill, 25th June 2012

I used the coin sheets as simple numeracy tasks for two statemented students that I work with. We used them in conjunction with real money and number squares and they were able to link the concept of addition to real life. Being able to generate different levelled sheets quickly and easily was a great support to my lesson.I'll definitely use your site again, thanks a lot :)

Rene Prins, 21st June 2012

Thank you thank you thank you :) what a wonderful site and I am grateful for having found it. God bless Rene

Tamara, 21st June 2012

What would be very useful would be a twitter feed or facebook page to keep me update with the different things you are adding to the site.

Sal, 21st June 2012

Awesome! Thanks for the generosity. I simply love the varieties and flexibility in usage of resources here.

Anonymous, 17th June 2012

nice website for us teachers..

Anonymous, 13th June 2012

I had a difficult time finding worksheets that would accommodate my Autism students needs. Since I was a beginner at this. I found SEN Teacher very helpful and lessened my anxiety. Thanks so much. My gray hairs have lessened.

Wayne Jones, 8th June 2012

I needed a quick and easy option for my kids at a sports programme over here in China. You guys provided it. No fuss. In a world that seems to be overly complicated you fellas have made something very simple very accessable and in the process made a hundreds of kids very happy. I will be donating.

Anonymous, 8th June 2012

i am a parent, my son has asd. great printables to help with learning at home.

Anonymous, 4th June 2012

i am a student and i have used this website for homework

Nic, 1st June 2012

Thank you! Access to these resources really helps me with planning fun and engaging tasks for all students! Cheers.

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