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Tracey, 30th November 2003


D Cox - Administrator, 19th November 2003

A few of the parents gave me your web address. I must say, I was impressed with the freeware you offered. I also liked the letter fan printout. I hope to spend more time on your site in the near future.

Eleanor, 18th November 2003

Hi, I'm a researcher for Maverick TV. I'm currently working on a brand new teachers TV programme and I am looking for stories from teachers who have moved from mainstream teaching into special needs teaching. If there is anyone out there who is UK based it would be great to hear from you. Regards Eleanor Taylor

Glynda Gros, 12th November 2003

This is the best site I have seen. I love the fact that I can create for my students. The fan, the number grids, the clocks. Thank you. Wish you would do some US money pages. Glynda

Pat Davis, 9th November 2003

What a brilliant resource, especially the certificates. The letter fans have been very useful in teaching phonics.

Jane Darby, 3rd November 2003

I think these must be some of the best presented tools on the internet. They are so useful as they are interacive and you can adjust them to your own needs. Many thanks!

De'Anna D., 3rd November 2003

Thanks for the great resources. Your clocks have made teaching time much easier!

Rhian Gibbings, 26th October 2003

Excellent resources! You have made my day!!

mia, 21st October 2003

THANKS - what more can i say!

Pam Bashford, 17th October 2003

I will certainly encourage my PGCE students to use this excellent site.

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