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vijay kn, 29th May 2004

great resources

Philip WHittaker, 21st May 2004

Thanks for sharing some very useful software Philip

Rosie Iribas, 18th May 2004

This sight is amazing, wish we had more like it. I teach adults and these resources allow me to teach considering learning styles and ability.

Joann, 7th May 2004

Thanks for this site, congratulation and my best wishes!

joe, 5th May 2004

thank you

Sue Rostron, 24th April 2004

The site is very useful but I teach adults and would be interested in making links with other tutors of SLDD adult students with regard to finding other sites with adult material.

Lyn Wortmann, 10th April 2004

What a blessing your site has been. My class and I enjoy the worksheets. Thank you and God bless,

AJ, 29th March 2004

It's a nice site, Congratulation and my best wishes! Thank you and greetings from Germany.

diane fitch, 26th March 2004

Fantastic site. Gained a lot of usefull resouces. Will be visiting it again. Thank you

sue, 20th March 2004

GR8 site, a teaching assistants job made much easier, thank you sooooooo much. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK

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