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Julie Pout, 4th September 2005

Fabulous site. Lots of good resources that will save so much time.

Maria, 4th September 2005

Hi. Very nice site. Must be very useful. I'm actually writing, because I was wondering if anyone could help me. I would like to become a SEN teacher, but have until now failed to find the right information. I don't have a degree, so basically starting from scratch. Hope that someone would me able to guide me in the right direction. Thank you ever so much, Best regards, Maria

Janine, 3rd September 2005

Absolutely brillian site,the best I've ever seen for the making of quick, easy resources. My new entrant class love the letter fans. I love the awards generator too. Thanks for all your hard work in setting up this site.

Tony Alvarez, 26th August 2005

Your website has proven to be an excellent resource for my autistic students. Bravo!

shops, 21st August 2005

Your site is beautiful

Lyndon Snelling, 16th August 2005

Great resources that will save us so much time. Looking forward to seeing how it works in our school

asha, 12th August 2005

This site is fantastic!!!!

Carol Smart, 12th August 2005

What a great website - really useful resources - many thanks Simon

Arnolds, 11th August 2005

Very inspiring, thank you!

Jane, 5th August 2005

Excellent site, great resources. Spent hours looking through different areas.

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