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lesley ward, 28th August 2006

This site has been invaluable to my voluntary adult literacy and numeracy work with my students. Excellent print outs

EUGENE LUTZ, Jr., 27th August 2006


Rob, 27th August 2006

As a Key Stage One Teacher, this website has been very valuable to me in producing my resources for my year 2 Class.

Joce, 27th August 2006

What an excellent site! Thank you for your dedication and resources - very valuable

Louise, 25th August 2006

What a find this site is! Great resources and easy to navigate, too! A superb way for me to aid my dyspraxic son's learning. Shall be recommending your site to many people.

Donna T, 22nd August 2006

What an absolutely fantastic site!! Well done to those who put it together and keep it updated and running. Would it be possible to adapt the 'shopping maths' worksheet maker to show pence? I work with year 1 children (age 5 & 6) we work mainly with pence not pounds.

Connie, 22nd August 2006

Good resources. Keep up the good work.

Kiersty, 19th August 2006

This site is fabulous!!! Thanks for the wonderful resources!

glen, 19th August 2006

as a recent SENCO it was a life saver be nice if included some sensory provision ideas

SEN Teacher, 17th August 2006

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