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Teresa, 9th September 2006

Great site, wonderful pre writing sheets. Thanks very much!

Lesley, 8th September 2006

Fantastic site,excellent resources,even more great with the updates,THANK YOU !!

Shona, 6th September 2006

Very easy website, the printables are excellent and very effective for quick reference. Thank you

julie b, 6th September 2006

a great website, fab printable resources, just need time to laminate now!

Anon, 4th September 2006

Wished I had found this website sooner - a fantastic resource

Gloria, 4th September 2006

the certificate printables are so awesome!

Jane, 4th September 2006

the update is really good, have been using this site for sen pupils for more than a year

Lisa james, 2nd September 2006

Invaluable - thank you so much!!!! If it wasn't for this site my children would be without a mum for months while I prepered resources. Truly SUPERB

Judi, 1st September 2006

Amazing. When I began teaching a pre-entry group last January, I felt daunted to say the least, having never taught this level before. I stummbled across you website and I have never looked back. Thank you

Sarah, 1st September 2006

What a wonderful site. Keep up the good work. I am sharing it with everyone I know!!

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