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Rhian, 14th September 2006

Just found your site - excellent! It will be very useful to have flash cards etc. printed.

Anonymous, 14th September 2006

I love your free printables. They have been so useful when laminated. We even play learning games at playtimes with some of these reesources. Thankyou

Kirsty, 13th September 2006

I couldn't get any of the printables to work :(

The printables require a Flash Plugin (version 7 or better) this is a free download from Adobe. If you visit the Flash Download Page you will be able to download the correct player for your web browser and operating system.

Jo, 13th September 2006

This is a wonderful site. I'm so pleased I've found it. I've already told my SEN network teacher all about it. Thank you! The kids are going to love the games, the'll learn the common words whether they like it or not!!!!!

Sharon, 12th September 2006

Great site for resources. This is my first visit, I will come back again.

Sarah, 12th September 2006

Fantastic website, will definately use ALOT!!!! great worksheets, dont go anywhere else! thankyou!!!

Marcia Arpin, 12th September 2006

Thank you so much for the link to my website, I will return the favour. Your website is fantastic!

Debbie, 12th September 2006

I am currently undertaking an Early Years Foundation Course at college and run a small charity for 0-5 children with motor learning difficulties. This site is amazing and will tell all of the parents and my fellow students. Don't know why I have not found you before. Thank you.

Pam, 12th September 2006

Fantastic site, shall use for home and work use!

Paul, 11th September 2006

an improved layout, invaluable software - this is my first stop for resources. Keep the good work going.

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