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CV, 21st November 2006

This site is simply wonderful! Benificial to both the receiver and presenter of awards etc. I'm sure I will use it many times over and will definitly pass it on to others who have been seeking this exact type of resource. THANKS

Seb, 20th November 2006

Thank you very much indeed for these helpful resources !

Jack Buxton, 20th November 2006

I Like useing this Website

Anonymous, 20th November 2006

I have just found this site and think that it is great! very helpful. I will be busy making lots of fans for my children to proactice their constanant diagraphs! thank you!

Anonymous, 20th November 2006

This is an amazing site! As a teacher entering a very challenging school a lot of these resources have saved my life and made learning a bit more fun.

Anonymous, 19th November 2006

I think this is a fantastic resource site and the printables have proved very helpful. It would be even better if they could be saved to file so they can be adapted if the need arises.

W Blue, 18th November 2006

Really interesting. I particularly like the printables. As an Early Years SENCo I am always looking for resoiurces that will engage all abilities and help them to play together. I shall certainly be using many of them with my non-SEN pre-school children as well as my SEN ones!

Manon, 17th November 2006

I think this website is reale good and it is fun to learn things on this website.We are doing 3D nets at school and all of our things come from this website!

Anonymous, 16th November 2006

I was just browsing through your website and found great printables for some of our special needs students. Thanks

Anonymous, 15th November 2006

Just found your site today and it is marvellous. I was looking for handwriting sheets and I found them. Thanks!

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