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Sandy Devonshire, 19th February 2007

I love your site! I came across it by happy accident and have been using it with my first graders ever since. It is especially helpful with my approaching level kids. I am in Pittsburgh, PA in the U.S. I have been singing your praises to everyone. I would love it if you could make a set of U.S. coins for the dice. Keep up the great work.

Fi, 18th February 2007

Can't wait to get printing and using - thanks

AskCy, 17th February 2007

What a useful site full of bits and bobs, just what I was looking for.

MJT, 16th February 2007

Thank you for such wonderful, print & use tools for my students!

Aisha, 15th February 2007

Thank you.

class teacher, 14th February 2007

Wonderful hassle free site. Keep up the good work. Any plans to expand? (fractions, etc)

adiewadie247, 14th February 2007

Cool site. Good layout. Good resources. Good idea. Did I say this was a good site?

Susan, 13th February 2007

A fabulous array of visual resources which will inspire children and save me hours. Thankyou!

Sean Donovan, 13th February 2007

This is an excellent resource to help me teach my DS niece at home. Thank you!

Bev, 13th February 2007

I love this site, it has saved me so much time, thank you.NSW, Australia

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