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Irene, 16th August 2007

Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you...

Donna, 15th August 2007

sorry to tell you that the number wheels have some mistakes - but love the site.

That's the idea! There's supposed to be only one position in which all the answers revealed are correct

cheryl, 14th August 2007

i am so impressed with the various different resources you share.They are ALL absolutely fantastic...Thank you for helping make helping others so light in the load!!

Bruce Glendenning, 14th August 2007

How Awesome! I will definitely share this website with co-workers, teachers, para-professionals, and parents in the 3 school districts I serve.

Paula Duffy, 12th August 2007

Thanks-fantastic web site with everything from excellent resources, usable printables to links and downloads. No need to spend hours browsing else where!

kathy, 10th August 2007

I love your website! Thanks!

Tigger, 9th August 2007

Fantastic resources. Thx

Karen Santora, 7th August 2007

This is a great site. I especially love the printables and how you can create your own worksheets.

Miss, 7th August 2007

EXCELLENT resource -- thank you!

Tanya, 4th August 2007

I am grateful to all the effort put into this website, and that it is free. They are great resources for the classroom. Thanks.

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