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Ann Osborne, 7th February 2008

I'm an L.S.A. and have just discovered this site. It is an excellent resource!

abbi , 7th February 2008

I woud like to see more shaps for my home work right now

Reema, 6th February 2008

Wow!An amazing website.I found it while doing some random search in Google. Printable are great.Please keep adding resources.Thanks a lot.

Anonymous, 6th February 2008

Helo there. Did you do sll the shapes?

Fernand, 6th February 2008

Great site! I'm a teacher from The Netherlands, but I find many usefull items on this site! The clock-page is one that I and many colleagues use allmost every week!

Anonymous, 5th February 2008

only just found this site. I love it!

Wendy, 4th February 2008

just found your site. Just what I needed for my special children

shirley, 3rd February 2008

Great website! I have been using it a school for ages I work with special needs and it's great for numeracy and literacy to be able to customise at an easy level to make them more accessable for all. Having coloured work aswell makes it more intersting PLEASE!! keep adding more I am always checking and hoping.THANKS!!!!

Laura Holbrook, 1st February 2008

This is helping me to help TA's in my school - many thanks!

Donald, 31st January 2008

Nice site .

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