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Penny, 21st April 2008

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You really have saved me hours. I just love this site. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous, 21st April 2008

i think this site is awesome, thanks :)

Dont want to say, 21st April 2008

This is a very good site! I have used it many times and like giving them to friends

Anonymous, 20th April 2008

i love this site :) i wish that the printable pages for money was also Available with American money, but it gave me ideas to make my own sheets - thanks!

VikkiH, 19th April 2008

I am sooooooo grateful that I've found you. Wonderful resources and great that they can be amended for own needs. 1 question - how do you change font size so that things fit?

Cori B., 18th April 2008

Something cute to give the kids and put a smile on their faces always makes my job better.

Anonymous, 17th April 2008

Some of the answers on Cracker Jack wheel are not correct.

Anonymous, 16th April 2008

How did I survive before I found this site. This is an absolute godsend. Well done to all involved!

Anonymous, 16th April 2008

Thank you! Excellent quality resources and so user friendly. You have aved me hours!

Anonymous, 16th April 2008

Excellent site

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