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Cyndi, 11th June 2008

I feel like I have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Senga HC, 11th June 2008

This is absolutely brilliant, I am going to use some of the resources for pre-entry adult learners. Excellent

Sharon F, 8th June 2008

I love this site,lots of great ideas! By far the best printables on the web! Thanks

Meng Ting, 7th June 2008

Tank you so much founding this website.

Anne, 7th June 2008


Hilary, 4th June 2008

A great site and a fantastic resource. I'm a primary school teacher in Australia and have been using SEN Teacher for years. Can wait for templates/printables using Aussie coins!!!!!!!!

Miss Nancy, 1st June 2008

I'm so happy I found this website. I love the clock worksheets! I introduced the analogue clock to my older preschoolers and they love writing the time! I glad I can choose different clock times. Your website is the BEST!!

Emily R, 31st May 2008

I cannot tell you how helpful this site has been - I came across it twenty minutes ago and already I am hooked!! Thankyou!

Christine, 28th May 2008

I would just like to thank you for your free resources. I am actually a mainstream English teacher and I get very little support in the classroom for the two classes of SEN students I have. Individual students have helpers who do not get involved in lesson planning or resource making for their own students, never mind helping me help the whole class, which I have to try and help as a whole whilst trying to meet individual needs. It is such a shame. I am trying to teach myself as best I can but finding time to learn about and make resources when I am responsible for 180 students in all and getting students through 6 external examinations is extremely difficult, so a site like yours with such usable and good resources is a real find. I will be able to revisit it whenever I have time and learn from the useful links as well as making immediate use of your free downloadable resources. Many thanks!

liz mistry, 28th May 2008

Fantastic site Lots of super ideas for Reception children Thank you

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