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Karen, 17th March 2009

Wow!! What a wonderful site - you are about to save me hours of work - thank you.

Annette Bevans, 17th March 2009

I found your site by accident and I think it's wonderful. I work in a special needs school and your printables are fantastic Thankyou very much for making a site that makes planning a little easier

Garry F Stephens, 11th March 2009

This information is fantstic and invaluable; all praise to everyone involved. I have downloaded the PC interaction aids and they have proved very popular, thanks and keep up the work on this great site.

Anonymous, 10th March 2009

Excellent materials - well thought out formats

Anonymous, 9th March 2009

The labels are really good to put on your Maths Jotter, Tray, Spelling Jotter etc.

Anonymous, 9th March 2009

fab resources. please expand so that we can do lots of other wonderful things for our SpLD kids. thanks.

Anonymous, 5th March 2009

Has really helped me with my handwriting lessons that i do, the pupils i hope will feel the same way.

Jo Commander, 4th March 2009

I have printed four of your free printables... These are for my colleagues at work. These have brought much laughter and plenty of smiles so thankyou very much...

Cindy Baggett, 4th March 2009

I loved this site. Thanks for developing this site. It appeals to my Math gene!

Anonymous, 4th March 2009

I love your site and use your printables often in my primary school classroom. Thank you!!!!! Do you know of any way of adapting the cracker jack wheels to add words, like verb tenses or comparative and superlatives of adjectives?

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